Pretty Paper Ponies

A long time ago, back when Google Reader was a thing and I actually kept up with a whole range of blogs I used to read Design Sponge all the time. It’s still a good place to browse for ideas and inspiration, but there was always this one specific project that caught my eye. It was 2009 and they shared Ann Woods Cardboard Stampede.

In the time since, I’ve had a try at doing one or two — I don’t remember what they looked like, or if I ever finished them. Hell I don’t remember if I ever did more than cut out the papers I wanted to use.

In the years since I’ve been getting a little more down than usual, I basically quit making things that weren’t digital, and even on that front I’ve been a lot slower than usual. So a week or two ago when I was thinking I needed something, anything to do I remembered the project.

So I started making them. I’ve only fully finished one so far, I’m still trying to find where I put all my stamps and bits and bobs but when I find those I hope to make them a lot more interesting. Truth is, it’s probably more important that I keep making things, keep moving on, than it is that I make perfect, pretty things right off the bat.

I still like what I’ve made, though, and I’ve half finished another which I’ll also show you.

It helps a lot to to have something small I know I can do, so if you ever see this Ann, thank you. A lot, genuinely.




Hopefully I’ll keep going and keep posting these here. Better pictures, as well, when I remember to do them in sunlight.


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